Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you see something, say something

DHS in partnership with Walmart has expanded its "If you see something, say something." program.

I see something.

I see the expansion of a police state.

I see our government spreading mistrust in our fellow human beings.

I see state sponsored paranoia.

I see a country using fear to control the masses.

I see the loss of liberty.

Do you see what I see?



  1. I sure do see it gives me an uneasy and dissapointed feeling!!

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  3. I meant: I do SEE what you SEE..... need coffee, sorry, lol!

  4. I see the same thing. But who do I say anything to? Friends and family think I've gone nuts.

  5. I see the front sight lining up with the rear...

  6. Yeah Mayberry! Besides the latest b.s. from Wallie, I'm sick of them running all of our local folks out of business and then raising their prices, deciding to quit stocking items that I like and selling my personal info on line. Let's start a national boycott.

  7. I wonder if Sam Walton was still running the show if this would have happened with WalMart?

  8. I don't care for the Land of the Snitch either - way too fuzzy guidelines here. Its one thing calling in an obviously drunk driver weaving from one side of road to the other. Calling in for items seen purchased in a store in a shopping cart - WTH?