Saturday, December 11, 2010

They are afraid

Prince Charles and Camilla got caught up in student protests.

This is what the powers that be are afraid of. In spite of Britain having an almost complete surveillance society, the rulers can't even keep themselves safe.

Now imagine if all the crimes of the power elite became public knowledge. How much rioting in the streets would we have then? No wonder they are afraid of Wikileaks. The politicians are calling for blood over leaked information that's actually relatively mild. It's embarrassing, but not earth shattering.

Perhaps those in power have much darker secrets? Why do they fear the truth so much? How evil have they been?

Maybe, just maybe, we will find out.



  1. Sixbears,I think you just nailed it right there!


  2. Err, the riots by students was over university tuition fees. The government was very open about the vote going on at the time. Not sure how that is related to Wikileaks.....

  3. Makes a difference when you know that the PTB are NOT carrying weapons, I would imagine!

    Just imagine if the crowd was really trying to hurt someone!

  4. ...sounds staged,next thing is no more "gatherings"...of course effectively ending protests of any significance...

    ...imagine a thousand yard hallway of doors,wikileaks is but a few that can/have been opened...

  5. Yes they are afraid to have the truth known. I heard a quote, from Henry Ford, I believe, along the lines of "If the American people really knew how the financial system works, there would be revolution tomorrow." I suspect that same quote could be applied to "how our foreign policy works", or "how our government really works", or "what secrets we've been keeping from them"...

  6. dude,
    if people all paid the taxes off 1099's instead of w-2's, there'd be revolution tomorrow. You don't miss it when you never had it in your hand. Then they get excited about a tax rebate. Hmmm, let's see, you let uncle keep your money all year and give a little back to you without paying you interest. The public is stupid.