Friday, December 17, 2010

Too fat to suffer

It was "install drain pipe in an unheated crawlspace day." When I say, "unheated," I mean it was -6 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning and didn't make it any higher than the single digits on the plus side.

By "crawlspace" I mean it was too tight for a fat guy like me. It was tight enough that my buddy couldn't wear a winter jacket. We were running drainpipe under my buddy's house. The house has no foundation but sits on low piers.

My role was planning and supervision. I started out by handing out tools and instructions, but after a while he didn't even need that. Eventually, he was handling the job just fine while I went inside and had a nice cup of hot tea.

We had to set up the PVC cement using a hair dryer. Assembled as many parts as possible in the house near the woodstove, but final connections had to be made in the crawlspace.

Eventually, the crawlspace will be closed in and insulated. For the rest of this winter, hay bales will be piled around the house to keep the heat in. Once the hay bales begin to break down, they'll eventually be used in compost for the ever expanding garden project. Waste not, want not and all that.

Next week, the plan is to install some actual plumbing. Water has been run into the house, but right now they get their water from a garden hose. That project will all be inside work near a nice warm woostove.



  1. saw you use a hair dryer for the job'' good thinking! it is always wonderful on crappy days what needs to be fixed...

    winter fun!!!!


  2. At times like that, it pays to be too fat to fit.