Monday, December 27, 2010


Just waiting for the storm to hit up here in northern New Hampshire. It's one of those storms where places south of us are getting hit with the worse of it. We are expecting somewhere between 5 and 9 inches of snow. (last time I checked with the Prince of Lies -the weatherman).

We had a white Christmas here, without getting hit by a single major storm. Since Thanksgiving, we've been getting the occasional 1 - 2 inches of snow. However, it didn't melt, so it slowly added up to enough to make the cross country skiers happy. Good for them. If you are going to live up in snow country, might as well do something with it besides shoveling.

All my snow is moved with shovel and snow scoop. No mechanized snowblower or plows for me. Figured out that I'd rather shovel than maintain another gas burning machine. Yep, I'm too lazy to use a snowblower. Once refused a free one. Anything that's expensive to maintain isn't free. Also, I love the quiet. Would hate to ruin that with a noisy machine.

Some people really enjoy the winter. I've met people who've retired and moved to this area for the winter activities. When you love to ski, you love to ski. After this next storm, I hope to get enough snow to go snowshoeing. I can leave right from my door and snowshoe out into some amazing country.

People get all bent out of shape about snowstorms -like they've never happened before or something. It's one thing when the south gets a rare storm, but up here, people have no excuse to get excited about it.



  1. what happen to florida? why are you waiting so long, or did you forget to leave yet?


  2. We can't head to Florida until Feb. Family obligations.

  3. We have so little snow here it's expected to melt by the weekend when 50 degrees is forecast. So much for my snowshoeing plans. It will be interesting to watch the storm develop along the east coast. I can already imagine all the unprepared people.

  4. Looks more like 16 inches here rather than 5-9 like predicted. It's pretty. The soup's on and the coffee is hot.

  5. There *are no* unprepared people as far as snow goes in New England. If the weather forecasts more than a dusting, every asshole in six states makes a rush on the grocery store like they will never ever see provisions again.

    I *dream* longingly of unprepared people.

  6. If they were really prepared, they would not be running to the store. You'd think we could all live off Christmas left overs for at least a week.