Sunday, December 26, 2010

Survived Christmas

I'm one of those people who doesn't do all that well with the Christmas holiday. I wish I was a jolly guy. If the stress and depression can be kept to a reasonable level, I'm satisfied. All in all, it was a pretty good Christmas. There were some weird moments, like when my wife chewed out the directors of a Nutcracker Burlesque, from the vantage point of center stage. (long story I'd best not tell.) Things sorted themselves out. We stayed for the show, but I doubt if we'll go back next year.

The best part is seeing all my kids, their spouses, and the grandkids. It's all about family. They are all healthy and happy. My dad stayed down in Florida. He's not that interested in a white Christmas anymore. My wife's family stayed in Texas and Florida. Perhaps they feel the same way about snow.

Actually received some well thought out gifts this year: an e-book reader, clothes that I like and needed, a subscription to "Sail" magazine and some gift cards to West Marine. My heart is set on sailing.

My middle daughter threw a Christmas Eve party -very low key, good food and drink, plus a roaring campfire next to a huge hot tub. Spent way too much time in the hot tub, and will most likely do so again.

Don't know why the holiday stresses me out so much. There was the year my favorite uncle died just before Christmas, but I was already dreading the holiday by then. His passing did make it immeasurably worse.

Every year there's some version of Charles Dickens's "Christmas Carol," going on. I always root for Scrooge to stick to his guns. Maybe employ a good exorcist, send the spirits on their way, then go back to bed. Guess that makes me a Scrooge. Oh well.

Hope those who enjoy Christmas had a good one. For those of us who just try and endure, hope it wasn't too bad. The days are getting longer. We all have a bit more sunlight to look forward to. I do apologize to my poor long suffering wife, who's one of those people who loves Christmas. Thank you for loving me even when I'm a Scrooge. I've no good reason to get down around the holiday. My blessings are many.



  1. Good honest post, we all have our own reactions and emotions associated with the holidays and the long days of winter. I put on a really good front but there is a part of me that has always found Christmas a bit sad and I have learned to live with it knowing that it will pass in time. I am always ready to jump into the new year and start fresh, glad to have the holidays over and back in the box.
    On to longer and brighter days!

  2. being a neo-pagan, the last two weeks to the new year date to the next two weeks after was xmastime. any day was time of parties, goodwill, jolly celebrating, and exchanges of gifts.

    ever snice the time was taken over by christains and commercial groups, this was explioted, trimewd. and liminited to the hoo-ha of todays madness.

    truely christ born on the 22 of september and that claus whom was promoted oveer father christmass had made this a madtime.

    so one wonders why the hustle of the truely bizzare goes on?

    meanwhile china gets richer off our poor economy..


  3. I'm getting to be "Scroogey" over the whole thing myself. I'd prefer some simple decorations, simple gifts, but mostly just gathering the family. I'll second the sentiments on "white Christmas", I'd prefer the old Corona commercial Christmas. A cottage on the beach, and some lights in a palm tree... Unfortunately, we had frost here. That's too close to snow for comfort!