Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nothing to hide

Personal privacy is constantly under attack by governments around the world. How many times have we heard people say that if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear? Somehow, we are supposed to accept the loss of privacy because it's supposed to protect us.

Lets turn that around. Why is the government so afraid of Wikileaks? If they are doing nothing bad, they have nothing to hide.

Anyone else remember when Obama promised more open government?

England's citizens are constantly scrutinized by thousands and thousands of cameras. The United States isn't far behind. This too, is supposed to be for our protection.

Let's have cameras that follow politicians around -just to make sure that aren't doing anything shady. If they are honest, they've got nothing to fear, right?

Why should individual private citizens be constantly under scrutiny? Doesn't it make more sense to watch those who have the power to start wars between nations? Shouldn't we be watching the policy makers, captains of industry, powerful bureaucrats, police, and top military leaders? They are much more likely to mess up your lives than some thief on the street.

At one time, a free press had some ability to watch over such people. Ever since press power became concentrated in a handful of companies, that power is gone. When no one paid attention to Internet news sources, those independents were left alone. Now that they have some influence, governments want to put severe limits on the Internet.

What have they got to hide?

Perhaps certain actions by our government and corporate masters don't stand up all that well to the light of day?



  1. The rules never apply to the rulers. After all, they are omnipotent, and much smarter than we the plebes. Their doings do not belong under the light of scrutiny, because what they do is for our benefit. Our safety. And now my sarcasm meter has pegged out....

  2. Better yet the guy at wikileaks does nothing but gather and post the info. He is not the source for the info. It funny you never hear about them going after his sources. And frankly the Pentagon Papers case against NYT already proved that it is ok to publish.
    I also do not see the big deal in what he says. It would be different if it was the composition and manufacturing process of our tank armor or a B2 or info on our SSBNs protecting out fleet. Nope he is not telling people Manhatten Project secrets like those reds did, but he is telling people about diplomacy and the like, which are things we should know. No informed decision can be made if we do not know; so, how can one vote properly if they are hiding having tea with the King of Saudi Arabia.

  3. When people fear, they want protected. To be protected they have to give up their privacy and rights. I would prefer that they control their fear and not ask for protection. The ones providing the protection will be the ones to fear.

  4. I have a feeling that the PTB are just plain uncomfortable with folks seeing what they're up to!

    So used to hiding, they don't know how to be forth coming!

  5. The PTB don't much like having the shoe on the other foot.