Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter changes everything

I hate doing outside projects in the winter. Problem is, there's way too much winter up here in northern NH. Those projects have to be done sometime. People point out that on the calendar it's not winter yet. Right. Friday morning it was -11 Fahrenheit, there's six inches of snow in the ground, and my lake is frozen. If that's not winter, I don't know what is.

Shoveled out the sailboat so I could work on it. Removed some woodwork so it could brought in the warm basement for varnishing. Took a bunch of measurements for other things I'm adding to the boat. Everything will be built in modules and the final installation will have to be done when I haul the boat down to Florida. Really don't like working with fiberglass when it's this cold.

Next week I'll be installing drain pipe in an unheated crawlspace. Probably have to work with portable heaters and heat guns to get the glues to set properly.

Ever try to work with thick gloves on? How about mittens? Nothing like trying to use metal hand tools that are ice cold.

It's not all bad. A friend of mine is moving some heavy equipment on a road that's too soft and muddy in the summer. Not that the road's frozen solid, it'll bear the weight. Once my lake has a good foot of ice on it, I can drive my truck on it. It's the easiest way to bring heavy things down to my beach, or back up from it.

When it's really cold and we are buried in snow, I always remind myself that at least black flies are down to a bare minimum.



  1. nothing like winter fun!



  2. Sixbears,I feel your pain Bro! Indy has a layer of ice and snow storm moving in.they said 8"-10" downgraded to 2"-4". Don't matter much either way I have to move it. Then they forcast -10. Thats pretty cold snow removal there. Guess it sucks to be me next two days.


  3. Heard of guy who needed to put this huge heavy boat into a New England lake, but couldn't get in because of the soft roads and nowhere to launch it. So he waited until it a froze over and drove out and sat it on the ice. When the ice melted in the Spring, it launched itself. Of course he had it tied to the shore.

    80 dregees here yesterday, 40 this morning and going to freeze tomorrow morning. We are into our yo-yo weather season, warm one day freezing the next.

  4. Dizzy. I've seen a lot of ice fishing shacks "launched" during spring thaw.

  5. Well I guess I can't complain about our breezy but sunny 65 degrees then. The wind really makes it feel cold. Near freezing tonight, then sunny and low 60s tomorrow. Yep, winter is here : )

  6. We don't have black flies around here but our mosquitoes display the same phenomenon. Whole lot less of them at -20.