Friday, December 31, 2010

Transmission part Deux

Well, my $3800 transmission rebuild lasted about 3 weeks. Just loaded up the truck on a flatbed for a 100 mile journey to the nearest transmission garage that will honor the warranty. I'd sprung for the full boat 3 year coverage. Turns out the basic coverage would have been more than enough.

I will be most curious to see what the problem is and why it wasn't fixed right the first time.

One good thing, I have AAA+ and they will cover almost all the towing fee.

Hope the truck is fixed before January 5, because there's an appointment for it at my local garage on the 6th. Having the brakes checked and some new front tires put on. Really would hate to reschedule.

If it's not one thing . . .



  1. That is a true bummer! I would have thought it would have lasted a whole lot longer!

    Hope it makes it back in time...!

  2. Vehicle repairs are like healthcare costs, we just can afford them anymore. Curious as to what you think caused the failure in the first place and how many miles do you have on it?

  3. Yeah Hermit Jim, it's a bummer.

    Yukon Mike, I've got about 225,000 miles on it, but this is the fourth transmission repair. It's a great 7.3 engine in a crappy Ford truck. They are known for eating automatic transmissions. I do use it like a truck, not a car.

  4. I thought that things only break down the day after the warrenty ends, right? Why don't you just convert it to a manual transmission?

  5. Hi Dizzy. My first rebuild had a 12 month warranty -went on the 13th month, while 800 miles away from home. My buddy has a similar truck with the manual. He's replaced his tranny too.

  6. maybe it can be traced to the quality of parts used. is the metal the right one used or a cheaper alloy (or "counterfiet part")

    also was filter and pump replaced on the rebuild?

    last quality of trans fluid?

    good luck!


  7. Turns out the transmission problem is an electrical short. Shouldn't take them long to sort it out. Should have the truck back no later than Tuesday. Then I can take it to my local mechanic and finally get the brakes serviced.