Thursday, January 19, 2012

. . . and now I’m back

But not for long. My lovely wife and I had planned on hitting the water on Wednesday, but we decided to wait one more day. The weather is a bit wetter than originally predicted and the winds will be shifting direction later too.

Then there is the last minute provisioning and packing to do. We are taking the time to be a little more methodical about it.

Our original plans may have been too ambitions. We decided to not focus on distance and focus on fun. Suddenly, the whole trip opened up. There’s a lot of interesting stops along the way that are now worth considering.

One of the problems with trying to cover a lot of distance is that we’d have to burn gas to do it. I hate to burn gas. It is a sailboat. Tacking to get to a destination doesn’t bother me that much, even though it takes longer. That just means more time sailing. I like sailing.

My dad volunteered to keep the truck and trailer at his place. All we have to do is call him when we are ready to be picked up. That sure beats the heck out of leaving the truck at a boat ramp for days or weeks on end.

My posting might get a bit spotty, depending on if we can find open wifi signals. It also might depend on how beautiful the night is. If my blog doesn’t show up, just assume it’s because I’m having a rum and watching a beautiful sunset on the water.



  1. Well have fun the 10 day forcast is nice after thursdays rain.I just made reservations to camp at disney world the 7-9 of feb.Then going to go to blue springs and see the manatees.I was going to go to Bahai honda but cant afford the drive.Instead will camp at parks on a slow route home.

  2. Let us know if you get within hailing distance.

    Best thing is that Rum goes with anything !

  3. It ain't the destination, it's the journey. Most times I hit the water not having a clue where I want to go...

  4. Slow and steady reveals more. Have fun.

  5. Good sailing! Have a ballast!

  6. Gee, you sure are living a rough life, buddy!

    Beats the heck out of the snow, doesn't it? Hey, you enjoy the weather and have a great time on the water!

  7. Slainte!
    I am going to a benefit for Alzheimer's my brothers girlfriend puts on every year.
    A Dungeness crab feed.
    She is a sweet heart and I have known her for twenty years.

    I will raise a toast to you privately.
    If you EVER get a chance to get your mitts on some Dungeness crab, grab all you can carry with both hands and run.
    It makes King crab oe Blue crab taste like cardboard, seriously sweet and delicious.