Saturday, January 7, 2012

My road trips take longer and cost more

It took 56 hours to do my northern New Hampshire to mid Florida trip. At one time I could do the same trip in about 30 hours. Of course, that was driving a car and traveling alone.

Pulling a boat trailer, traveling with the lovely wife and dog, it takes longer and costs more. The dog needs to be walked. We eat more sit down meals at restaurants. It all adds up.

I can do about 30 hours of driving with only a couple cat naps. That’s what I did this time, but instead of making it to Florida, we only got as far as Fayetteville N. Carolina. There we rented a hotel room. I took a quick shower and went right to bed. After a good night’s sleep the rest of the trip was easy.

Although it takes longer, I’m glad I’m traveling the way I am. Sure beats the heck out of traveling along. Lingering over an after dinner coffee with the wife delays the trip, but it’s pleasant. Even walking the dog isn’t too bad as the fresh air and exercise does me good too.

Of course, now that I am down here, I’ve got my sailboat, camping gear, and a bunch of toys. Sure beats the heck of my Spartan single days.



  1. Nice to hear a man who appreciates his married life!

    Looking forward to pictures. Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the trip. And I second the call for pictures! :) <3

  3. Sometimes a trip is better if we take our time and smell the roses. I don't care to go more than 250 to 300 miles a day. Late start and early stop, that is my rule. (grin)