Monday, January 9, 2012

Attack of the competent waitresses

While traveling, my lovely wife and I ate out more often than we normally do. I hate fast food. At best it’s fast, but it’s never real food. Because of that, I got to see a lot more waitresses than I normally do.

All the way from New Hampshire to Florida one thing stood out. On average, the waitresses seem a lot smarter and more on top of things than in the past. I never ran into a bad one, and a few were so good they were spooky -mind reader good.

Of course, my observations are anecdotal, limited sample, biased, and all that. Still, I might be onto something here. What if waitresses are really of a higher quality than in the past? What could cause that?

My guess is that in this economy, people who would normally work at higher paying jobs are stuck working below their talents and education. Under employment is not just for English and Philosophy majors anymore. People with education in hard sciences are not working in their chosen fields. Instead, they wait tables.

Not that there’s anything wrong with waiting tables . . . except the pay . . . and the customers . . . and the hours . . . and the lack of respect.

Yeah, it can suck. If you do get a chance to eat out, tip well. It’s tough out there.



  1. I have to agree that they do seem to be better!

    Like you, I try to avoid the "fast food places" and the folks working there.

    Most of the time, service is becoming a forgotten term. Glad you could find some good workers on the trip!

  2. Having waited tables I always tip good service well. It's a thankless job but I'd do it again (if I had to).

  3. It has been a long, long time since I ate out. I will have to try it to see what the waitresses are up to.

  4. You're right about "under-employment". The reverse is happening down here, the "oil boom" has swept up all the competent people and those left in the service type jobs are little more useful than a football bat...

  5. ...a few weeks back we went to a local eatery(only second time since crossing the creek) the Mrs and i got great service too,tipped her well,and she looked shocked...her and the wife were talking,and she said a buck here,two there was the norm(i gave her a fin for just the two of us and a 15 dollar tab)anyway,yer right about underemployed,she said she has two degrees,no job and just trying to make a livin'...