Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slow motion

My readers may be wondering why they haven’t seen any new sailing photos lately. I’m recovering from a nasty cold -a little New Years gift before we headed south. My lovely wife and I are catching up on our rest and visiting with my dad. It’s all good.

I do hope to be out on the water soon, at least for a day trip. There are a few gaps in my charts that need to be filled in, but I’m fine for the local area. As soon as this cold eases up a bit, I’m heading out on the water.



  1. Wife and I currently have some version of that cold. It'll definitely get your attention.

    I lived in Naples, Fl. for 5.5 years. Enjoy that Florida dry season weather.

  2. Get well quick, I need a shot of vicarious cruisin' : )

  3. Same here. Just when we have work to finish before that white stuff settles in. Oh well, it'll keep. Get well soon so you enjoy that beautiful state.

  4. Get yourself well and hit the water. That salt air should clean you out.