Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fresh veggies and sunshine

I’m still recovering from the nasty cold I took south with me from the frozen north.

Fresh veggies and sunshine sure helps. I’m on a new diet that emphasizes a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. Being able to buy right from the farmer makes all the difference in the world. The food is great and the price is right.

My lovely wife and I are puttering around the boat, in the sun, slowly building a base tan. It must be doing wonders for my vitamin D level. I’m almost well enough to head out on the water.

In the mean time, I’m spending time with dad. He’s had a rough year, but seems to be on the mend. Dad and I have always had a close relationship and I worry about him living so far away. Talking on the phone is nice, but not enough.

I took inventory on waste veggie jugs that I use for fuel. Right now I have just about enough left to get the truck and boat back home. Of course, that doesn’t account for any driving around down here in Florida. Maybe I can convince my lovely wife to sail more and drive less. Perhaps we’ll hook up with another WVO source while we are here.

Right now, we are taking it easy. We’ve reconnected with old friends, so that’s been good.

Hopefully, in a few days, we’ll be back out on the water -at least for a shake down cruise. Not much going on, but I’ve got to take time to mend now and then.



  1. Enjoy the sun and warmth. I'm headed that way in about three weeks. Goin' on a cruise to get the seratonin level back up. Be well.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Sun and good fresh food sure helps. Spend as much time as you can with you Father, while you can.

  3. Sounds like you are having a nice time, and healing well. What I wouldn't do to be able to say I was working on my "base tan" ~ so jealous!

  4. I was wondering, if in your travels north and south, if you ever stop and visit any places in Alabama? Now, I know everybody usually rolls their eyes and groans at the thought but if you haven't been through here I think you and your wife might really enjoy some of our areas, especially the Lake Guntersville and Mt. Cheaha regions to name just a couple. Your boat may be too big for lake travel but they have wonderful camping and sightseeing opportunities in addition to all the water.

  5. I can think of worse things to do than eating fresh veggies in the sunshine and kicking back. It's so nice to let that spring unwind...

  6. Momlady: enjoy your trip!

    Dizzy: Thanks. My dad and I are doing stuff together, so that's good too.

    Mystic: I need that tan so I won't catch fire when we take the boat out on the water.

    Edifice Rex: Indeed, we have been to Alabama a number of times. Unfortunately, mostly passing though.

    Craig: Indeed it is. Beats the heck out of chopping firewood.