Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy trails again

The lovely wife, Brownie the Sailor Dog, and myself are heading south. If there are some gaps in my posting schedule, please be patient. It’s just me doing a marathon drive.

My buddy helped me inspect and grease the boat trailer wheel bearings. He also helped load the heavy things. My hand is still a bit tender since I sprained my thumb, so the assistance was appreciated.

As I was packing to head out, my house sitters were moving stuff in. The bulk of their stuff is taken up by a recording studio. He’s taking advantage of the acoustics of my insulated dome, and isolated location. I bet that’ll be a great CD.

One of the woderful things about the US of days gone by was the ability to travel. It’s such a large and varied country and it used to be possible to travel across it unhindered. Now there are border patrol check points miles from the border. TSA and Fatherland Security have made air travel a horrid experience. Check your dignity and freedom at the door. They’ve expanded into other forms of travel. However, it’s still possible to travel for many miles without major interference. At least, I hope that’s still the case.

We were invited to dinner at one of my daughter’s. We got to say goodbye to two grandkids, two of our daughters, and their menfolk. We’ll try to keep in touch with all the electronic marvels of the age.

I hope to not miss too many days of blogging. I’m doing a few things different this trip and I’ll let all of you know how it works out.



  1. Sixbear wish you and the wife a safe trip.

  2. Don't forget the Testicle Squeezer ASSociation's "VIPER" teams, not to mention highway patrol and local yokel "checkpoints"...

    Y'all have a safe trip. Bon voyage!

  3. Happy Trails sir, hope the journey has only good events in store for you. Bet that Florida sun will feel really good on your skin!

  4. Have a save and wonderful trip. Hope you find you Dad in good health and spirits. Happy sailing!! Maybe some year you can sail down the East Coast instead of driving.

  5. Best wishes, happy trails and don't forget the jumper cables so you won't need 'em.

  6. If you meet anyone in Florida who wants an inexpensive, rural home in Michigan, please send them our way. I'm taking pics today & tomorrow posting on Florida Craigslist for the heck of it. We wish you safe travels, great scenery and wonderful memories.

  7. You have a lot more patients with a rowdy drunk crowd than I would have.