Tuesday, January 14, 2020

After much discussion

After much discussion my lovely wife and I came to a decision. When our electric motor failed we weren’t sure what we were going to do. While I got it running again, I still hesitate to trust it.

We didn’t know if we should park the boat for the boat for the winter because didn’t have a trusty motor. In the end, we’ve decided to go outboard motor shopping. It’s most likely going to be a small gasoline engine, but I’m not totally opposed to propane either.

Not only are we looking for an outboard, we’ve decided to go with a new one. I’m really not in the mood to buy someone else’s problems right now.

The two of us had given serious thought about buying a new motor before heading south, but decided against it. The thinking was that we should give the electric motor a solid test first. If we had to buy a motor, there’s a lot more options here in Florida. Not a lot of sailboat outboards get sold during the winter in the mountains of New Hampshire.

My lovely wife and I have been talking about a lot more than outboards. That was a catalyst to discussions of greater and wider issues. There are changes going on in our lives and all around us. The warm weather and greater opportunities for outdoor exercise have done me a lot of good. I’ve needs, but so does my lovely wife. This has been a transitional year. At some point we’ve got to figure out our lifestyle for the next few years.

Even our home situation back in NH is on the table. It’s beautiful there and we love it, but none of our children and grandchildren are local anymore. Every year there seems to less reason to stay.

Maybe we’ll do something totally unexpected like move to Spain or something. You never know.



  1. Maybe you should just settle for a one-story home on level ground somewhere NOT in tornado alley, a flood plain, hurricane zone or on a earthquake fault.

  2. If you do move to the sunshine state, move to the center of the state, or at least above the old dune lines (like in Melbourne, FL, the beaches are low, then next to the river is still low, but 200 yards in is higher.)

    I prefer the center of the state. We're 150+/- feet above sea level, and within easy driving distances of salt or fresh water.

    Marion County is much better than Alachua County due to political considerations.

    Just 1 rule in Florida. Don't build or live on low-lying land. If the surrounding land is above you, you're dead. Sinkholes form in low spots...

    1. But summers are hot and humid and full of mosquitoes, without the joys of ocean breezes...

    2. My lovely wife was actually checking property listings in that area. Personally, I kinda like the nomad life, but there are days when it's hard. Of course, the hard days force me to keep engaged and active.

    3. You need a permanent address, at least to make the Feds happy over prescriptions.

      Good doctors both in Ocala, The Villages and Gainesville.

  3. Every locale has its pros/cons. Beans mentions a few of ours..mostly humidity in summer, and the plethora of little beasties that want to seemingly eat you. But being from north country your familiar with black flies.
    Regardless, I'm sure you'll decide what's best for you, and your lovely wife, BUT may I say...somewhere around Ocala national forest? That area could use Six More Bears....

    1. I love camping in the Ocala so know the area a bit. It's a consideration.

  4. Two thoughts on an outboard motor for your little boat.
    Go as small, as is possible and still have a reverse gear.
    A remote tank is much better than an internal one.
    Long shaft for certain, if you ever want to go offshore. Otherwise the prop will be popping out of the water every other wave.
    Even with a long shaft it will...just not quite as often.

    1. Budget considerations will have some bearing on what I buy, but long shaft is a must.

      Going small makes it harder to get that reverse gear.

      We had a Honda 2.3 on the Ranger 23 and it could move the boat at 5.5 knots. No external tank was a pain, but I worked around it OKay. . . except for that one time refilling in rough seas -what a mess.