Friday, January 31, 2020

There’s cold and there’s cold

It’s been a bit cold, but it’s Florida cold. It’s not the sub-zero temperatures of back home. It’s hard to believe there was a good 70 degree difference between home in northern NH and Florida today.

Monday our time at this campground is up so we’d better have something lined up before then. Once again a major consideration is getting my lovely wife’s prescriptions filled. We were going to be living on the sailboat next, but we’ll most likely put that off for a bit. We don’t want to be stuck on the boat in bad weather as her meds run out. Instead, we are thinking of a state campground further down the state. We’ve been there before, but it’s been a long long time.

Yesterday I pointed out to my lovely wife that we haven’t seen many pop up trailers this trip. Well, today one just pulled in next to us. That’s the universe laughing at me again.

Our old neighbor left us a canopy. It had no instructions. We set it up, but it took some engineering. For a while there I wasn’t sure if our old neighbors liked us or hated us. Eventually it all got sorted. The next time we set up will go smoother. It helps that we now know how it’s supposed to look.

It’s taken a while, but I’m finally starting to like the old Chevy Blazer we purchased. When we were looking for a used vehicle our main requirement was for it to be able to pull a boat. The fact that stuff like the air conditioner works is just bonus. The dog has taken a liking to it. It’s a warm place on cool days and a cool place on hot ones. She’s such a princess.



  1. Open invitation here big guy. Plenty of your type drug stores locally. No problem if y'all want to park the rig and trailer and explore in the boat while waiting.
    Today's going to be a wet one, but this coming weeks weather is looking good. For a few days anyway lol.

    1. Thanks again Spud. Unless we have an emergency back home, you should see us again. We are doing some route planning and also have to connect with my sister-in-law. Better weather is on the way. I'm actually pretty comfortable. It's still 60 degrees warmer than back home some days.