Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Frozen Florida

We expect it to be another cold night in the Ocala, but it’s supposed to warm up after that. My lovely wife and I are using the cool days to take care of business in town.

By the way, Google Maps still hates me. It sent us down 7 miles of dirt road bad enough to warrant engaging four wheel drive.

Our neighbors at the campground are also avid boaters. They were able to share some really useful information about places to launch the sailboat. While the Internet is a good place to start, often conditions on the ground are somewhat different. Nothing beats first hand reports.

Not only are they boaters, the guy is also a boat builder. While normally they tow a sailboat to Florida, this year he brought a rowing skiff he built. Of course, we had a good time talking about boat building. It’s supposed to be warmer tonight so we plan on more discussions around the fire.

While it’s cold here, it’s Florida cold. It’s not like the record setting cold days New England has been getting. My friends back home have no sympathy for days that only get into the 50s.