Thursday, January 16, 2020

Without a net

Camping in the State of Florida is at a premium during the winter months. People make reservations months in advance. We tend to book about a week ahead of time. It can be tricky doing it that way, but we really don’t know exactly what we’ll want to do months in advance.

We had a secure option at the last campground, but my lovely wife was ready to move on. Some campgrounds have first come first serve sites. She gambled that the one open site at this campground would still be open when we got here. Sure enough, she was able to score three nights just by showing up.

I’ve got to give her credit. This site is nicer than the last one we stayed at.

I’ve come to a decision about an outboard motor. Unless a super deal on a good used one pops up, I’m going with a little Honda 2.3 long shaft. It’s small, but big enough to do the job. Being air cooled, I don’t have deal with flushing salt water out of water pumps. Changing impellers can be a pain and it doesn’t have one of those either. One of the big factors is that the motor only weighs 30 pounds.

Now all I have to do is find a dealer that has one.

In my travels I met a guy who describes himself as a survivalist. He lives on about 60 acres in Arkansas. The guy is in his 70s and never got a SS number. His sons don’t even have birth certificates. He was camping in a converted box trailer. The guy did a nice job. We had some interesting discussions, but I’m going to respect his privacy and leave it at that.



  1. I have to agree about the little Honda's advantages.
    We had a short shaft one for the right. Liked it so much that we bought a second one in long shaft version...maybe has just enough hours on it to break it in lol. Never did use it (other than about ten hours to break it in). It's been setting out in the shed for the past ten or twelve years...

    1. I'll go dig it out today and check it out , if ya want me to...?

    2. That would be great. Thanks.

      My lovely wife and I could swing by either Saturday or Sunday. Does that work for you?

    3. Yeah , either day works for me. Kathy is working Saturday but I'll be home.
      You still have my # ?
      I've got your email Addy still

    4. Still have your number. I'll call when we know for sure which day we'll be by.

    5. Ok, just dug it out...
      Lots of cobwebs, dust and the tank has old gas in it.......???? Ooppps
      I'm gonna go back out and drain it , put some new gas and see what happens...

      I've done lost your phone number so give me a buzz later sometime so I can re get yours.