Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Things I’ve learned

Well, I set out to buy an outboard motor for the sailboat. Instead of buying a motor, I received an education.

The first thing I learned is that just because Google says a company sell outboards doesn’t mean they really do.

Another thing I learned is that there are a wide variety of small long shaft outboards available -if you are willing to wait 10 to 14 business days. Very few dealers keep much stock. If they have outboards, they tend to be the more popular short shaft ones.

Which brings me to something else that was added to my education. Motors that don’t sell get sent back to the factory. There they are tested and put back on the market. Certain dealers buy big lots of them. Then they go on sale for a marked down price, but without a warranty.

That’s how I came across a never used 2016 5 hp Evinrude with sail drive for $1100. Nice enough motor, but I’d be on my own if it had issues. Not sure the discount is worth the risk. However, it was about the only suitable motor anyone had in stock.

Decisions. Decisions.

In the short term we are going to have to find another place to camp instead of being on the water.



  1. Everything seems to be such a pain these days.

  2. Evinrudes are good motors. Easy to work on, parts readily available.

    Get a weed guard for the prop as it will help protect the blade, if you are boating in weedy waters.

    Just... use some sort of fuel stabilizer or some such stuff because ethanol fuels still suck in outboards that sit for long periods of time.

  3. Though it's not very scenic my backyard is available for your tent. More than welcome.
    Might be more dealers on this side too...

  4. Hope you find the perfect motor for your needs and that it is on sell, too.