Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sailboat Test

We put the sailboat in the St. John River just south of Lake George. The town of Astor has a pretty nice boat launch. My lovely wife and I checked it out on Sunday but didn’t bring the boat. We heard it was always super busy on the weekend. As it turns out, it was also pretty busy on Monday, but we launched anyway.

I gave Spud’s little outboard a good workout. It ran well. Motoring against the current and wind we were doing about 4.9 mph. With the current we moved along at 6 mph. Since the theoretical hull speed limit is 5.5 knots, the little motor didn’t do too badly.

After a couple hours of motoring upstream, we threw out the anchor and had lunch. Coming back we were able to sail. Between the light breeze and the current we poked along at 2.5 to 3 knots. Turns out that was a good speed for observing waterbirds.

The plan was to take a bunch of photos, but the phone’s camera died almost immediately. The phone shuts down when it still has over half a charge. Time to get a new one.

This is the only photo that came out. If you blow it up you can see one of the fishermen on the river.



  1. We learned that lesson long ago. No sense over powering a displacement Hull. Just wasting fuel pushing against a wall.
    I had no doubt the motor would be good. Seeing how you now own the lowest mileage Honda of that vintage in existence lol.

    1. I guess I do . . . but it won't stay low mileage too long. Looking to move back onto the boat next week -if all goes well.

  2. Good to hear things are working well for you. With the electric trolling motor gone I guess you'll have plenty of juice to run your nav and cabin lights all night long.

    1. Yep. I too optimistic about the electric motor.