Thursday, January 9, 2020

Two things I miss

This is our first long trip since I had to sell our ambulance/motorhome conversion. There are a couple things I really miss about it.

The first one is being able to pull over at a Walmart or truckstop and get some sleep. Last time we traveled with the ambulance we only paid for a hotel twice. The first time is when my lovely wife had food poisoning and I wanted her to have a comfortable place to recover. The second time is when I really really really wanted a hot shower. This trip we’ve already spent three nights in a hotel.

The second thing I miss is our rapid set up and tear down time. We could pick up our chairs and other gear and be on the road in ten minutes. It’s a lot slower when confronted with a tent. Not only does our tent take time to set up and tear down, we fill it with all our gear. When estimating travel times I forgot how long it could take to load up.

On the bright side, even though the Blazer gets poor fuel mileage pulling the boat, it’s cheaper to run than the van. A big plus is the working AC. After we drop the boat and trailer, it’s a lot easier to park.

Loading up should be a bit quicker in the future. My lovely wife organized the Blazer to save space. We threw away a fair bit of junk too. She also put together a good sized box of stuff to mail home. There’s been a learning curve with our current vehicle.

We are still in the process of figuring out what we want to do in the future. So far we’ve pretty much settled on the idea that we want to be mobile, be it by land, water, or some combination of the two. Settling down to one place doesn’t excite me right now. Who knows what the future might bring?



  1. You might want to evaluate what you may be sending home. Would it be better as a box you shift from whatever vehicle you are not using, just in case there are things you may need?

    It would suck if you found you needed something and had to rebuy it because you sent one home already.

    I'd shift the box from vehicle to vehicle and wait to mail it for a few weeks (if you haven't mailed it yet.)

    As to sleeping in a parking lot, can't you do that when pulling the boat?

    1. We've been shifting from vehicle to vehicle and by now figured out what we really haven't been using.

      We can stay on the boat, but it's a bit of a pain. Might do it soon anyway.