Thursday, January 30, 2020

I Voted!

My lovely wife and I cast our votes for the New Hampshire presidential primary.

This is how we had to do it while on the road. When we left in early December, the primary date had not been set so we couldn’t get absentee ballots then. Keeping track of the news, we learned it was set for February 11.

We had to get forms at an on-line NH government website. While we have computers with us, we had to go to a library to print them out. At the time we were down the Keys.

The next step happened while we were camping in the Ocala National Forest. After filling out those forms we called our town hall to find out their fax number. We faxed the forms to the town hall to save time. They mailed our ballots out to us general delivery at a local post office. Earlier we’d stopped in at the local post office to get their exact address.

Once the ballots came in we filled them out. Once filled, they were placed in an affidavit envelope where we had to put our names and address and other info on the envelope and sign it. That envelope went inside another one provided by the town. Then it was mailed out.

The state provides a website with tracking numbers so we could follow the status of our ballots.

It’s a hassle but I feel it’s my civic duty.



  1. I know many states don't count absentee ballots unless a race is close with in a certain percent. Hope they counted.

    1. I'm assured they are counted. Helps that it got in early enough.