Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Day, New Issues

I woke up Tuesday morning, looked over at the Blazer and noticed one of the tires looked low. Sure enough, it was down to 15 pounds. Good thing we travel with a small compressor just for such problems. A local tire place took a look at it right off. Turns out it was just a bad valve core and a quick and easy fix. While there the mechanic pointed out the tires were due for rotation. Sure enough, it was time. They did everything for $20, which I though was a bargain.

News out of China is looking worse all the time. Even my home state of New Hampshire is dealing with a couple of suspected cases. Face and appearances are more important than public safety in China, Doctors had been instructed to keep silent about the disease instead of warning the public. Right now the they are closing the barn door after the horses have left.

How severe the disease is going to be will depend on how virulent it becomes. Health care systems are not prepared to cope with a major outbreak. In the United States there are too many people like me -without health insurance. We don’t go to the doctor’s unless we are dying as it causes financial ruin. That will delay treatment.

Then there’s the issue that people can’t afford to take time off when they are sick. Instead of staying home and getting better, they go out in the public and spread whatever they have.

I guess I’m going to have to pay more attention to the news instead of blissfully ignoring most of it. With that in mind, it’s time to shop for a new cell phone. Mine is randomly dying and unreliable. Odds are it won’t last us the next couple of months. Such is life.

My lovely wife and I are looking at possibly moving back on the boat for the next part of our adventure.



  1. Better buy some masks before the run starts.

  2. Bad thing with this virus , is the fact carriers are not symptomatic until after they've spread it to everybody

    1. My informed guess is that the news is way behind the reality.

  3. Spud is correct again...let me expound on his comment.

    Another bad thing is N95 masks are not much help.. most people don't know the correct method to put on AND remove. Also, they don't protect your eyes, which this virus uses as a major body invasion point. Count the times your hands go to your eyes. Only a respirator with canister filters works. full head protection. Besides, N95 masks are getting harder to find and much more expensive for a false sense of security.
    Build up your immune system with Elderberry syrup, vitamin C , Echincea with goldenseal, and constant hygiene. Wash your hands properly(20 sec at a min.) often. Every fingernail. And avoid people as much as practicable.
    Stock up on food. Short term like beans and rice, and long term 25-30 year stuff.
    Good luck. You have many friends out here. You need something shout it out.

    1. Thanks for the information. Darn good points. It is starting to look like a bad movie.

    2. Guess the wife and I are probably doomed then...she comes in close contact with two to three thousand people every day at the zoo. Kinda can't hide from that.

    3. Even camping doesn't isolate us. Sure, we don't have crowds in the campground, but we still go into town for groceries and laundry and such.