Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Huge Thanks to Spud

Spud and his wonderful wife let us pitch our tent at their place for the weekend. Their hospitality was most excellent. We had some interesting discussions.

Not only that, Spud had exactly the type of Honda outboard I was looking for. He cleaned it up and got it purring like a kitten. That solves my outboard motor problem and we’ll be doing more sailing in a few days.

Right now we are back up in the Ocala National Forest. It’s supposed to be in the 30s at night, but will warm up to the 50s during the day. By Wednesday it’ll be back in the 50s at night and around 70 by Thursday. That’s not really a hardship and we’ll be just fine.

My lovely wife was able to book a couple weeks here so we’ll have time to settle in for a bit.



  1. Replies
    1. I've been feeling happy -not too sure how safe I've been. :)

  2. Anytime Six !
    Even Brownie and Squirt seemed to get along great.
    Just really happy that I had a solution to your outboard problem. I'm certain it will give you many useful years of service. Just keep in mind that it still needs a few more hours of break in time...
    Too often we prepper types believe in the two is one philosophy. Yet fail to ever use that second one. Just glad that we had what you needed. Now we both have one !

    Don't freeze up in Ocala, supposed to be in the thirties up there tonight, brrr !!!

    1. Thanks again Spud! Wouldn't you know a fellow Prepper would have just what I need.

      We've got one more cold night but then it's supposed to warm up. We will bundle up and be just fine.

  3. Glad you had someone who could get you up and running again.

    1. I was afraid I'd have to park the boat for the duration. Now we can get back on the water in good shape.