Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The water’s been nice, but . . .

We’ve had a good time in the Keys. My lovely wife and I still have a couple days left here before moving on. Yesterday we gave serious thought to spending time out on anchor. However, the long range marine forecast looks pretty bad.

We aren’t in this to suffer. When our time here is up we’ll move upstate a bit and do some camping for a while. My lovely wife has booked us into a place we’ve never been before so that should be interesting.

There’s some flexibility in our schedule so we don’t have to try and get there in a single day.

Later in the season we can always come back to the Keys. It’s all good.



  1. Bad winter weather comes screaming off the ocean and hits hard. What would be normal 50 degree weather feels like 30's, due to the wind and humidity.

    Escape to the woods is a good choice.

    Enjoy your new spot. Hope the trip up will be/was safe.

    1. We plan on leaving Friday, but there are factors that could delay us a day or so. I'm no longer willing to push myself with a tight schedule. Not worth the stress.