Sunday, January 5, 2020

That was interesting

My lovely wife and I are still at Bahia Honda. We’ve been sleeping on the boat in the marina. Our Blazer is parked nearby so we don’t have to keep all our necessities on the boat.

We put the little electric motor on the sailboat to the test the other day. I figure we were going up a 2.5 knot current against the wind as we tried to exit through the bridge cut. While we were successful, it was a near thing. After the bridge we spent a lot of time tacking in a narrow channel.

Once that got boring we turned around and rode the current and tailwind back to the marina. That was a fun bit of fast sailing. On the way in a good sized ray jumped out of the water right in front of the boat. It’s those unique experiences that make travel worthwhile.

We were surprised by visiting friends from back home. They are staying in the military campground at Key West. They read my blog so knew we were just up the road from them.

The weather has been in the 80s but a cold front is moving in. It will be windy and in the 60s. While cool for the Keys, it’s still a heck of a lot warmer than back in NH.

A couple with a trailer sailer pulled in the marina at 5 p.m.. We watched them setup for a time, but as the winds kicked up from nearby storms, they became too painful to watch. The winds and dark clouds had everyone scrambling to leave the park. While that was going on, the guy with the sailboat was setting up his mast.

Instead of watching the potential disaster, I took my lovely wife out to dinner in Marathon. We dined at a great little Cuban place. When we got back to the marina, it appeared the sailor guy had gotten his boat off the trailer and into the water. Personally, I’d have slept in the boat right on the trailer and dealt with it in the morning.

On a more serious note, my lovely wife and I say we’ve been following the news just enough to see if we are at war or not. Dang, that’s not really a joke. It appears that we are well on our way to war with Iran. The same people who got us into Iraq are excited by an Iran war. Considering how badly Iraq turned out, that should give one pause. Personally, I’m against another unnecessary war. I know too many young people who’ll pay the ultimate price for military meddling.

So now I just can’t enjoy my road trip. I’ve got to keep one eye on the news to see how crazy things are going to get.



  1. I know that you don't care for Trump, But I think he'll handle any such wars very differently and much better than the Bushes. He's not a globalist, after all and won't try pleasing both sides.

  2. Iran's been at war with the USA since 1979. We just haven't openly acknowledged it.

    Finally we are. Some 40 years late. After paying them hundreds of billions in protection money during the last administration.

    President Trump has warned them. We have 58 high importance targets ready to destroy (the same number of hostages in 1979.)

    It's now up to the rulers of Iran to stop what they've been doing all along.

    The world waits to see how smart the mad mullahs are, or if they've bought into their own delusions.

    On the other hand, what was that knucklehead thinking trying to put a boat in while high winds were up. Seriously, some people. Subtle hint. If you aren't a lifeboat service, you don't launch in water conditions you wouldn't swim in. He'd have done better to launch with the mast unstepped and handled it later, or as you said, waited and launched the next day. He's the type of blow-boat sailor that gets in trouble and peeves off the powerboaters and big-ship boys.

    1. I was surprised to see the boat tied up to the sea wall this morning. By the way, it was a fairly new Catalina 22 Mark II.

  3. About time. we as a country. showed some backbone Walk softly, but carry...and use...that big stick. Every one else, be damned.
    Take note Richmond...

    1. So . . . is this a cause that you are willing to die for or to send your kids to die for? Just asking.