Monday, March 23, 2020

Avoiding Injury

Now more than ever it’s time to be careful. Try to avoid doing something stupid and getting hurt.

I thought of that while making my way down to my basement’s outside door. There’s still snow and ice on the ground and slipping and falling a real possibility. If I have to go back down there before the ice melts I plan on using ice grips on my boots. Can’t be too careful right now.

People on lock down are getting pretty bored. Bored people can do some dumb things and get hurt. Try not to be that joker.

It’s bad enough that the medical community is getting maxed out treating Covid -19. No need to make the situation worse by getting hurt being an idiot. Not only will you use up sparse resources, you’ll be in a hospital full of infected individuals.

My local docotors’ offices are trying to restrict in person visits. They are trying to do as much as possible remotely. I’m going to do my part by canceling my scheduled visit. I’m feeling fine. Self care is going really well. No need to take the risk. No need to take up their time and resources.



  1. I'm more worried about when the lockdown ENDS. You'll see all kinds of stupid then, especially in my field...

  2. One thing about this " lockdown ? " I've been more or less practicing that for the past five plus years lol.
    No worries, not bored here !
    Got projects and the supplies to do them for a long time...
    Also have more medical supplies than enough to meet any emergency short of major surgery.
    Increased the chicken flock by two hens and an illegal rooster too. Found out last night that they are real good fliers, little suckers flew up on the neighbors house to roost ! They came back this morning tho. Hopefully they'll get the idea to follow our other hens into the coop. Otherwise it's gonna be difficult to gather and find the eggs.
    I'm thinking we're just days away from full lockdown quarantine here.

    1. Things are moving very quickly.

      Hope the new birds work out. Fresh eggs would be nice. I've got powdered, which are fine for cooking, but not that great by themselves.

  3. Maine had three cases Monday last. Sunday PM the count was up to 90. (pop 1.3 mil) Most in Cumberland county/southern Maine. No reported deaths yet. All elective medical operations canceled. All non essential employees staying home. Hannafords, Shaws, Wallyworld, SAMs have all been cleaned out of paper products, sanitizers and disinfectants since Monday 3/9. No canned gods, no pasta/rice/flour. Sparse on the meats, frozen veggies and dairy. Plenty of fresh veggies.

    1. I've friends in the Portland area. They recently got permission to work from home.

      I'm curious to see what will happen on Friday when our self-quarantine ends. We will still seriously practice social distancing, but it would be nice to get some fresh meats. The squirrels in the yard are starting to look good.

    2. Its pretty much doubled every day here since last Monday. I'm expecting a doubling again tomorrow.
      Here is a good depiction.