Sunday, March 29, 2020

Quarantine Days

There’s really not much going on around here and that’s a good thing. I guess the self distancing is working -so far.

My lovely wife and I are knocking out house projects. I was able able to get a little plumbing done, all using materials at hand. When you live our in the woods it only makes sense to have basic materials and parts. That’s really paying off these days. While the local hardware store is open, sticking close to home appears to be the better option.

I was able to start her car which has been unused since the beginning of December. It’s still behind a frozen wall of snow and ice, but I’m chipping away at that too.

It’s going to be interesting to see how society changes after this is all over. (Assuming it will be all over) The whole world has pretty much dropped everything to deal with the crisis. Things will not go back exactly the way they were before. You can’t unscramble an egg.



  1. I look for a few more preppers, but most will learn nothing. I look for some folks to turn obsessive about germs and most people to learn nothing. I look for older people to begin getting concerned about martial law, and most young people to learn nothing. AND, I look for the government to begin using every flu season to grab more and more freedom away from our citizens. But, I could be completely wrong.

  2. Like after the end of WWII (which was a far more traumatic event to the US population and to the economy (seriously, we as a nation went broke during WWII, betcha didn't know that?) we will bounce back as soon as most of the dying and infecting is over. 6 months past that, GANG BUSTERS!

    The doomsayers are, interestingly enough, of two camps.

    Camp 1. Those on the political spectrum opposite of the current executive office members.

    Camp 2. Pundits and bloggers who would make Chicken Little look like a mute conservative on any issue. I've seen certain bloggers flip flop all over the place, first screaming (via typed words) that we are all taking Corona too seriously, and then when the facts came out that it isn't (for most people) any more, and most likely much less fatal (unless you live in a socialist/communist nation/crowded city) than the normal flu, started screaming (again, by typing) that OMGWEGONNADIEENDOFWORLD!!!!! REEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Or they are such economic geniuses that Occasio-Cortez is an economic super-genius to them (Oh, the stock market will never get better (then it did, duh) and they are doing the best to crash the US economy any way they can.

    Is the Novel Wuhan Communist China Corona Covid-19 virus something to be concerned about? Yes. Is it enough to end the world? No.

    Self quarantine. If in big cities don't go to crowded places. Wash if in contact with outside world.

    Gee. I've been doing this all along. Every flu season. Hide from the world. Wash whole body before getting near wife with bad lungs.

    Interestingly, there are quite a few people out there in various blogs who are now wondering if they've had Wuhan Flu already this year (long, persistent coughing, family doctors not taking samples, the whole nine yards.

    My lovely wife had a long, persistent, lingering flu, with temps going up and down and up and down, some pneumonia that just hung in there and required two rounds of antibiotics to treat it. Just like they are having to use multiple rounds to treat the interstitial pneumonia that is characteristic of Corona-Chan.

    Remember, we are learning that Corona does kill (a very small amount, maybe actually 1 in 500 or even less, shows very symptomatically in about a 1/4 or less of the confirmed cases, symptomatically in another 1/4 or less of the confirmed cases, asymtomatically in 1/2 or more of the confirmed cases.

    Confirmed cases being those tested.

    We haven't tested all possible cases, because: 1. Not enough test kits (thanks, CDC for screwing that up) and 2. So many people have it or may have it and are asymptomatic.

    Again, once the scare is over, in 6 months we'll be booming harder and better than ever.

    1. Personally, I don't think it'll be business as usual. I already know people who've decided to change their lives right now. They won't just plug back into their old roles. Then again, a lot of people will have wasted the time out and once again be willing slaves to the system.

    2. But that's just it. 6 months from now, people will have adapted, moved on, changed things and kept going. Some people will decide this is the time to retire. Some will decide to become preppers. Old companies will fold, new companies will spring up.

      It is the way of the world. Crisis over? Move forward.

      The worst thing that could happen is for the government to panic and try to help and overreach, like they did in 2008.

      Some help from governments? Good. Great. Fantastic.

      Elimination of regulations that hamper businesses functioning? Great.

      Fixing some of the financial issues with the system? Yes, please.

      Moving critical manufacturing and the industries that support critical manufacturing back to the states? Yep. (Especially since a lot of legacy companies that could not adapt to the newer world in the 70's have folded, so new factories with new equipment are going to be springing up.)

      People moving out of cities. Well... that could be good, could be bad. If they move out and become more like country folk that's good. If they bring their city ways to the country, that's bad.

      Will a lot of people be hurt over the next 6 months? Yes. Unfortunately. But after the 6 months, gangbusters.

      Happens and has happened after every disaster, war, depression and recession.

      Only when the attempts at recovery are hampered and stifled, like during the Reconstruction after the Civil War, and the way the Northern Politicians punished the South.