Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Normal for March

I know it’s normal for spring the North Country, but we just got snow. As I write this, there’s a good six inches on the ground and it’s still coming down. That’s why we didn’t plan on coming home for at least another month. Stuff happens. I’m going to have to shovel a path out to the road to put the trash out.

At least they are still picking up the trash. Nice that some things are working. I’ve always appreciated those workers. They don’t get the respect they deserve, especially during these troubling times.

Have you heard about the Freshman 15? New college students are likely to gain weight their first year of college, about 15 pounds. Have you heard about the Covid -19? It’s the 19 pounds you gain from stress eating and lack of exercise while quarantined. Personally, I’m still losing weight. We have plenty of food storage, but not much for snack food.

Another random bit: people are being issued travel papers. That tells me movement will be very restricted shortly. The guy who was issued papers works in a vital industry. He was instructed to keep the papers with him when traveling to work.

Now I understand the importance of limiting movement during a pandemic. However, it’s starting to feel a bit like East Germany. We are going to have to vigilant about protecting our freedoms



  1. Some of the most horrible things in history began as something for "the good of the people."

  2. Though some of the travel bans and quarantines are straight-up power grabs, others are necessary due to self-indulgent jackwagons who refused to use common sense.

    Like here in Gainesville, FL. A bunch of self-indulgent little leftists decided to go spring breaking and do the drugs-drunk-sex thing (while, surprisingly, under 21yoa...) and co-drugs-drunk-sex with a whole bunch of other self-indulgent elitists jerkwads, and you may have guessed, brought the Wu Ping Cough (thanks, Angus McThag, for that) into the city, and then, well, acted like the vapid little sacks of semi-coherent stupidity that they are and spread it all over the damned place.

    To top it off, the University of Florida (or as I style it, the University of Beijing in Gainesville, FL) has a number of Communist Chinese students, some who went into the hot zone during winter break and returned, carrying, and others with family members who bugged out via air to here, so, yeah, plague rats, plague rats everywhere.

    Thanks for thinking of the needs of others, ya bunch of jerks.

    Especially since, due to the two hospitals we have here being both really great hospitals, there's lots of little nursing homes and retirement communities throughout and around the city. You know, full of prime Wuhan ChiCom Corona Covid 19 targets, especially since a lot of nursing students work as aids in said locations...

    All because a bunch of people thought of themselves and their immediate needs to be friggin idiotic jerks and not think of their futures or of others.

    Just like every socialist leftist person I have ever met. It's always socialism this and socialism that and you'll (meaning not them) will give this and give that and never ever is there anything about what they'll give and what they'll do, except that somehow they'll be in charge of us.

  3. Say there Beans, tell us what you really think.

    AS Greta might say " How dare you speak of the Tide Pod eating leftists that way !!!! "
    Spot on though. Totally agree. Totally.
    The same "people" come to Citrus while visiting Grandpa and Grandma and lick our Produce and toilet seats and sneeze on the canned goods--what's left---and record themselves doing it. So proud of being so stupid...

  4. My take on both parties not having common sense.

    The left and Socialism- always fails because sooner or later ya run out of other people's money.

    The right and greed- perpetual growth defies the rules of physics. Sooner or later you run out of energy and resources.

    Reality is a bitch subject for most to comprehend...