Monday, March 30, 2020

So Much for Travel

I love watching travel channels on YouTube. It was rarely things like people going on cruise ships or flying to exotic places. My channel choices were of people traveling by personal boat, van, RV, motorcycle or even by hiking. Last winter while I was recovering my health they sure helped pass the time.

Some of these channels were popular enough that the people making them earned enough income to live on. That’s a pretty sweet gig in a lot of ways. Sure beats working in an office somewhere. Now with the whole planet shutting down, nobody is traveling. The channels are putting out a lot of “this is what we do during lockdown” videos. Personally, I’ve pretty much had my fill of those episodes.

It’s going to be tough for those places that rely on tourists. My own area had a fairly strong recreational industry. Those folks aren’t going to be working for some time. Even when the restrictions are lifted it’s going to take a lot for tourists to come back. People will be hesitant to travel. Most people’s finances are taking a hit and vacations will be one of the first things to be cut from budgets.

I’m pretty much planning to stay close to home for some time. Instead of budgeting for travel, funds will be spent preparing to spend winter at home. That’s going to take a lot of planning and work. At least I’m not going to spend as much time watching travel channels.



  1. It is going to devastated this state. It already is.
    Maybe the retail rents will drop down out of the stratosphere eh. Think I may open a prepper store...they might be a hot item after...

    1. Just stock your store with TP and hand sanitizer. Everyone prepares for the last emergency.

  2. Next shocker down the pike will be your property taxes.

    Fed prints more fiat paper....local/state can't do that. To a lesser degree...maybe your retirement instruments. Most all are in the stock market. How is that going ? Let's hope for a quick vibrant rebound.
    And shall we discus the MOST wealthy sector out there > The insurance industry. This is not like a regional occurance where costs can be absorbed country wide or globally. Eventually....?
    The deflation that's coming will be followed buy the worst inflation ever.

    1. I'm expecting the financial crash to be worse than the Great Depression -and figuring out my response. If it's less worse than that I'll be happily surprised. Just wait for the civil unrest fallout. There are ways to prevent that too, and it doesn't involve police or military. Governments that figure out how to provide basic services to their citizens during all of this will do best.

  3. If you haven't already, check out ItchyBoots. Noraly, a dutch motorcycle traveler lady, and start watching from the beginning in India. Lots of content there to keep you entertained for a long time. Also "Cruising the Cut". Narrow boat travels in the UK. By watching their old videos you generate revenue for them while they are unable to make new content so that perhaps they are still there when all this CF if over.

  4. Just pondering here...why has one MILLIOLN reservists been recalled to active duty ?
    Why has all Pentagon brass been relocated to Cheyenne and other hardened bunkers? When was the last "flu" episode that caused that ?
    When do you attack an enemy? When he's at his strongest ? Is China and the UN our friends ?
    Vegelence is called for on many fronts.
    If what follows is only as bad as the Great Depression, I will be positively giddy...
    It takes money for local gov to provide those services...and people to remain working in them. BOTH remembering and protecting our constitution and rights

    1. Really good questions and observations.

      I see Italy is dealing with some civil unrest right now. Hope we do better.