Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Scouting Mission

Monday my first mate and myself did a scouting mission. We were checking out boat ramps. The first one we inspected appeared to be barely adequate, but would work in a pinch. Just down the road from that one we once launched at a free ramp. It was a dirt ramp, but did the job. It allowed overnight parking. Unfortunately it’s now blocked off so trailered boats can’t launch there. It’s a carry in launch site for kayaks and canoes. That was a disappointment as it was my backup launch site.

Further down the road we found one that should do the job. If all goes well, today we should be launching from it. It’s not free, at six bucks a day it isn’t going to break us.

In virus news, Florida reports a couple of coronavirus cases here in Florida -and not that far from where were staying. Mark my words. There will be a few cases popping up here and there, but then one day they will seem to be everywhere.

Wash your hands and keep your fingers out of your face.



  1. Indeed, Wash hands correctly (min. 20 secs ) and frequently. Most never ever do. Very hard to keep fingers out of your eyes or brush your nose, or anything.
    Heard it described as very few of us will feel the suffering of being eaten by the bear, but most of the suffering will come from worrying and defending ourselves from the bear.
    Enjoy your day as a stress reliever . Helps your immune system.
    If your near Plant City, your near a Home Storage Center. Excellent place 4 long term food acquisition. (long shelf life canned basics.

  2. Yep, the tried and true measures of washing your hands. I wear turtlenecks in the winter and cough and sneeze into my shirt, lol. It might sound silly but my family appreciates it. I have allergies so It not unusual for me to sneeze.
    And I agree with the other comment to enjoy your day. I've been telling family to figure out what will make you feel in "control". Buy a couple (not a load) of things like chocolate (I have two daughters) so you can relax and feel a bit more in control. I also remind the that no one panics about flu season yet 5,000 die annually connected to it. Perspective, keep things in perspective. Sunshine is coming back north but I'm guessing there will be March snow storms from the central plains east.

  3. Absolutely , I believe you may be right that it will blossom like a nuclear reaction.
    So if I can't touch my face, can I still scratch my butt ?