Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Rest Before the Big Push

The Sixbears crew is enjoying a few nice days in the Savannah area before the big push north. It’s hard to say goodbye to the nice southern weather.

The plan is to pack up our rags on Thursday and drive as far north as we are able. We don’t go especially fast towing a boat, but progress is steady. If we have to we’ll spring for one night in a hotel. Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men . . .

Back in my younger and more foolish days I’d drive for 1500 miles with only a short nap or two. While I’d get to where I was going in short order, I wasn’t good for much once I got there.

We had planned on staying a couple of days in South Carolina but decided to cancel. I’m glad we did. The person we talked to at the private campground was obviously drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Makes one wonder how well the place is run.

One of my daughters used to live in the next town from us, but moved to Vermont. However, she still has her house as she’s winding down her business. That’s been made available to us and it’s a huge help. We’ll have a warm place to come to and a driveway to park the boat in. I’ll be able to start the heat in my house and let it warm up for a day or two.

The coronavirus news keeps getting worse. Looking forward to being home before too long. It’s a bit disconcerting to be in a high risk group -over 60 with respiratory issues. I might just hunker down and catch up with all those house projects I’ve been putting off.



  1. Be careful out there amongst them English.

  2. Safe travels. It'll be good to see you and the Mrs. again. Once I read up on the virus you were one of the first people I thought about. With any luck this will all just blow over. Meanwhile, our little martial arts wizard collective has been meeting regularly, and looking forward to your return

    1. Just got in. Going to hunker down for a couple weeks. We were potentially exposed so better safe than sorry. I think about all my paramedic friends working out there on the front line of this. Be well.