Friday, March 27, 2020

My Old Fire Department

A cousin of mine retired from my old fire department a few years ago. He got a call from the department. They’ve been contacting those who’ve retired in the last five or six years. The department’s been asking if the retired guys would be willing to come back to work if too many current members get sick. Of course, they’ve stepped up and are willing to go back into harm’s way.

I’ve been out too long and went out on a disability, so they are not asking me. However, it would be hard for me to say no if asked -even knowing it would most likely kill me.



  1. You can work a desk and run a console.

    Just because you can't firefight doesn't mean you can't, if needed, help.

    I'm surprised they didn't try to get you to work the local comm center.

    Of course, those are about the worst places for someone with compromised lungs to be.

    But if necessary, you and a face mask can man the phones, in a crisis.

    1. Things have changed so much in communications and SOPs that I'd be starting from scratch. There's one backup truck that I still know how to operate.