Friday, March 18, 2022

It Ain’t Over Yet

My local covid numbers are almost nonexistent. Many nearby towns that had cases in the hundreds are reporting zero cases. Is it over?

I’d love to say so. Have you heard of the BA.2 variant of omicron? That’s a thing. It’s doing a number in Europe and Asia right now. Actual death rates are up. Of course, that variant is in the US.

On the bright side Canada is relaxing border controls. As long as you have proof of vaccination it’s not supposed to be a big deal to enter. The border is darn close to where I live and I hope to run up into Canada this spring.

China has a serious lock down in place. Their numbers have always been suspect. Judging from the vast areas and number of cities in lock down, it’s got to be bad there. One consideration is that the Chinese vaccine is crap and never worked all that well. There are 3rd world countries that have refused to use it.

We all want to be done with this pandemic, but it’s not time to totally relax. Personally, I’m going out more and doing things I haven’t done in some months. That being said, I’m still following the numbers daily and seeing how this sorts out. You can deny reality but reality bats last.



  1. I'd say that it is somewhat questionable that the US "vaccine" was effective either.
    After all we both got the "vaccine" and still got the covid too.
    We both survived however.
    So , there is that...

    1. Something to be said for survival. With my preexisting conditions I feel I lucked out to just have mild cold symtoms for a few days. I know a lot of younger and healthier people who got it and had it much much worse. Some died.