Saturday, March 19, 2022

Mid Range Plans

Spring -a time of limitless opportunities. My budget: the reality of doing much much fewer things.

I’ve got work to do on the boat, but do I set it up for just local sailing or do I prepare to haul it south next winter and spend a lot of time on it? Different levels of upgrades.

Are we going to go south at all next winter? Sailing? Camping? Both? Maybe instead we’ll spend another winter in NH. If we decided to spend the winter up north, the house is going to need some heating upgrades.

I’ve got a long list of considerations like that. It’s been on my mind. Can’t plan for them all.

Currently dealing with unexpected vehicle expenses, but unexpected expenses should be expected. It’s always something.

Of course, there’s existential threats out there. Maybe what I should be planning for is WWIII? That doesn’t sound like fun at all.



  1. Prepping for WWIII, has always taken precedent with us. Whether it be in the form of pandemics, economic collapse or even nuclear war.
    Vacation and such things frivolous must take a back seat. But then that is our mind set , each of us march to the drums which beckon .

    1. I grew up doing the whole duck and cover thing and bomb drills to the school basement. That left an impression. That mindset never went away.

  2. i'm to the point i'm not sure i want to live post ww3. that said i'm not traveling far from home until tensions ease a bit. it would really tick me off to hike halfway across the radiated country to find all my preps gone and some a-hole living in my house, lol.

    1. Some of my kids would move in and take over, along with a friend of mine. The crossing the radiated country part would suck though.