Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Sailboat Upgrades

We just received another eight inches of snow, so of course I’m thinking about sailing. There are warmer days in the forecast. There’s often a window of time where it’s warm enough to work on the boat but really too cold to launch it. During that oh so brief window I like to get things sorted.

The Oday 19 has been holding up well over the years. We’ve gotten a lot of joy out of it and we’ve done things people are scared to do in much bigger boats. That being said the boat could use some love.

The cabin needs new shelves. On a tiny boat getting them right is crucial. A good friend of mine has volunteered to help me design and build them. While he’s visiting I’d love to put him to work on other boat projects. He’s a skilled engineer.

I’ve decided rip out all the old wiring and start from scratch. Over the years there’s been a lot of splicing and rerouting going on. The commercial switch panel doesn’t excite me either. Building a custom one from scratch should work better. Commercial boat electronics seem to be either too poorly built, too expensive, or too expensive and crap at the same time. By building my own I can get exactly what I want.

It would also be nice to add more solar electric power. That might involve building a solar arch to mount them on. Hope my engineer friend can help me with that too.

The trailer could use a bit of work too, but that will be done after I launch the boat on the lake.

My lovely wife and I plan on doing a lot of sailing in New England during the warm weather. It’s up in the air if we’ll bring the boat down to Florida next winter.

Of course, with the way of the world, everything is up in the air. Plenty of things could ruin our plans, but if you don’t make plans for sure nothing will happen.


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