Sunday, March 13, 2022

New Hobby

I’ve a new hobby -watching Russian Oligarchs lose their mega yachts. Sure, it’s schadenfreude but they are freaking Russian Oligarchs and deserve what they get.

They are scrambling to get their boats in safe harbor. Countries have been refusing them dockage and fuel. Boats have been hastily pulled out of dry dock and sent to sea with jobs undone and partial crews. From high enough up, it’s like watching cockroaches scatter when the light is turned on.

They are even turning off their AIS devices. AIS is a system that allows boats all over the world to be tracked. The system plays a very important role in preventing collisions at sea. Turning the beacons off is a violation of International law. I guess they’d rather take chances being in a collision than being found. Of course, it’s hard to hide a giant mega yacht.

So where are they going? Vladivostok is a popular destination. I find that hilarious. The whole point of owning a big freaking boat is to be able to show it off in places like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Keeping your yacht at a bleak cold Russian port kinda defeats the purpose of owning one.

Many of these yachts have been built with the ill gained funds of a corrupt system. That used to disturb me a little, but now I’m a lot better with that. Why? Well sometimes the money came from the Russian military and defense industry. Those boats are floating on shoddy tires for military trucks, ignored maintenance schedules, depleted inventories and other rip offs that weaken the military. In a way, they’ve provided an unintended service to the West.



  1. There's a bill in Congress right now authorizing Biden to issue Letters Of Marque against Russian oligarchs' yachts?

    I have my own cutlass. Just saying

  2. under what authority do they seize these assets? if .gov can seize russian yachts they can seize your house. be careful who you cheer for.

    1. They can always seize your house. It's just nice to see the filthy rich having to pay for their actions for a chance. Usually it's just the little people paying. In fact, I focus on the honking big boats because most of the sanctions affect the little people, not the rich.