Friday, March 25, 2022

When my oil runs dry


The weather here in northern NH is still pretty nasty. Snow, rain, and sleet are in the forecast as far as one can see. I decided to get a pallet of fiber blocks for the woodstove. They are 100% compressed sawdust about the size of a brick. They burn well. Better yet, the price hasn’t gone up this year.

There’s a bit of heating oil left still. When that runs out I have serious doubts if I will ever refill it. New England generally heats with #2 oil. It’s almost the same as diesel. Diesel can be burned in furnaces and heating oil in diesel engines. Don’t get caught running heating oil in a diesel vehicle as there’s no road tax on it. The government is big on getting taxes.

I digress.

Next heating season oil might be too spendy or maybe even unavailable. Right now I’m looking at using the woodstove with electric heat backup. Electric is usually too expensive to heat with, but with the price of oil going through the roof the numbers are changing. At any rate, it would be fine as backup. The plan is wire in a couple of 240 volt heaters are they more efficient. It’s an easy job for me.

Closing off the upstairs should cut our heating needs in half too.

We are planning to be able to hunker down here another winter, but we could always throw a tent in the car and drive to the FL woods. That is, unless we decide to sail somewhere.


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