Sunday, March 27, 2022

Next Economic Collapse

The next economic collapse is here -it’s just not evenly distributed yet. 

Russia’s collapse is obvious. The Russian economy wasn’t all that great before the war in Ukraine. Western sanctions killed their economy. There are those who believe that Russia is holding out and its reserves will get it through. They won’t. A majority of foreign assets are frozen. Many other tangible goods have lost their western markets overnight. Their tech sectors are particularly hard hit. Some experts estimate the Russian technology sector has been setback decades. 

China won’t save them. China has problems of its own. For about a year its real estate bubble has been collapsing. It’s a miracle it hasn’t completely fallen yet. My guess is that the only reason the collapse has been taking so long is that the average Chinese citizen has almost nothing but real estate to invest in. The CCP is aware how badly its citizens are going to react to losing their investments. Of course, the CCP is also destroying some of the country’s most powerful businesses and businessmen for the crime of making too much money. They recognize that money is a form of power and they cannot tolerate power that is not their own. The CCP’s handling of the economy is collapsing it. A surge in covid cases isn’t helping their either. 

I’m not going to get into every Western nation and will concentrate on the US. It’s the big dog. Does this feel like 2007 to anyone else yet? This time real estate will be one part of a bigger picture. My guess is that the US economy will die, not from a single blow, but by a thousand cuts. Covid is still working its way through the country. People are sick and tired of selling their time for too little. Billionaires are getting even more obscenely rich increasing societal income disparity. Energy prices are putting the brakes on. There’s a lot of balls in the air and some have begun to fall. 

So much for the quick overview. My question to you is: how are your going to get through the coming collapse? How did you do in 2008? If it hit you hard you’d better not be in the same position you were then. It will be worse. Perhaps we shouldn’t be looking at 2008 and we should be thinking 1929. 

What are your plans? It better involve solutions to food and fuel shortages. We know that’s happening right now. Even with it currently in progress a lot of people are in denial. I’m dealing with those two issues right now. Our household diet has adapted and we are already using a lot less fossil fuels. 2008’s collapse hardly affected me. If that was the level I thought this collapse would be like I’d be happy. I’m not happy. This will get ugly.

Of course, it won’t get ugly for everyone. Some people have better plans than others. Others know how to quickly adapt to changing reality. 



  1. I expect this time it will be bad for almost everybody including those who are well prepared.
    The criminals in power now aren't the same as the few criminals in government during the Depression. MOST of the people in charge then were relatively honest. That isn't true these days. Almost every person in office now is corrupt. They WILL take pretty much everything of value away from those of us who have worked, saved and prepared to keep the moronic masses pacified for as long as possible. Of course eventually even that plan will fail and the masses will do what hungry angry masses always do. It's just that they will delay that outcome by destroying the prepared in order to do that. There is already widespread talk of "nationalizing" all retirement dollars. They also have FDR's precedent for stealing via EO all our gold/silver etc. FEMA and countless other Fed Gov agencies already have the laws passed needed to justify searching our homes and stealing our food to feed the ghetto goblins and if enough ghettos burn they will mandate that those of us who have homes shelter those ghetto goblins. No....this time we are well and truly screwed. The ONLY viable option is simple. Not pleasant. Not legal, at least not at the moment. And not for the squeamish. But it's the only reaction that has any chance of saving any meaningful future for those of us who were productive in the past and could be productive in the future.

    1. Where you decide to live makes all the difference right now. Not just the country, but the state and especially the community.

  2. Have hidden stashes of everything . Food, cash, silver,fuel , guns and ammo too.
    Start utilizing that starvation diet now !
    Most could use the benefits that will produce...
    Have your BOB ready and packed , it should have been long ago...when in doubt, do not hesitate , RUN ! You can always turn around if you're wrong.
    What may seem prudent today, might well seem foolish minus the Grid, food or medicine.
    Stock up your antibiotics !
    Potassium iodide
    Bleach and pool shock

    1. Just took off 15 pounds -with many more to go. In the past my lovely wife and I have been pretty good about judging a situation and getting the heck out of Dodge.

      One thing that suffered during covid is our community tribe. My tribe is smaller now as the isolation has limited what we could do for each other.

  3. i don't see any shortages, food fuel or otherwise. shortage of cheap commodities, yes. russia's economy will fair better than ours in the long run. they have oil/gas/coal and know how to use/sell it, while we try our best to put it back in the ground. while we were botching afghanistan, putin was making trillion dollar deals with the largest consumers of energy in the world, in rubles and yuan. even brandon said sanctions don't deter. if we're lucky and putin doesn't nuke us, i look for american spring to break out soon. the "let them eat cake" coming out of dc is wearing thin among the masses.

    1. Personally, I would not want to be in Russia right now. I don't think their future is very bright in the next few years. I'll deal with what I have here.