Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Living Safe

A lot of people are concerned about their safety right now. With all the crap going on in the world it makes sense to have good fall back plans. Never hurts to have an extra bag of rice in the pantry, a garden, access to clean water, shelter, and protection. Fine. Do that. Get the basics squared away. It’s something everyone should do anyway, even in “safe” times.

Then what? I say don’t forget to live. You might be safe hiding in a bunker somewhere, but is that really living? Guess what? Nobody gets out of this world alive. No sense acting like a corpse before your time.

While I’m concerned about the state of the world, I’m also concerned about my state of joy. Friends of mine worry about me when I’m on my long trips and adventures. It’s entirely possible that something bad happens and I end up stranded a long way from home. Then what?

Then I figure it out. You can’t run from death, but you can run from life. Better to take chances and live a little than die while still breathing.

Do you think the people who have million dollar underground bunkers are safe? They aren’t as safe as you’d imagine. Besides the fact bunkers are not impervious to everything, you have to actually be in them for safety. That would mean never going more than a few miles away from the bunker and always being alert to threats. Then again, you could spend all your time in the bunker and die from a fall in the shower.

I think the universe has a twisted sense of humor that way.


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