Saturday, March 26, 2022

New Cheap Computer

It’s been years since I’ve purchased a new computer. Normally I pick up used or discarded computers and rehabilitate them. It’s not a big deal to do things like install laptop batteries, keyboards, or other basic items. To improve their performance the memory is wiped and a new Linux operating system installed. I’m no computer expert, but I know how to google stuff. (that’s what the experts do anyway)

Enough time has passed that my computers are showing their age -seriously showing their age. Hardware and software gets buggy over time.

With supply issues and chip shortages it was time to get something new while I could still do so. Of course, being cheap, I picked up a low end Chromebook. It’s not like I’m doing high end engineering. Mostly it’s to connect to the Internet, write, and view photos.

Chromebooks are basically designed to be web connected machines. That being said, they don’t have to be. Since it came in I’ve been aggressively moving files and functions onboard the computer. Even in good times the Internet goes down fairly often out here in the woods. In the time of escalating cyberwarfare all bets are off.



  1. As per usual , we (the west) are forcing the eastern bankers into a tight corner. Just as per both world wars before.
    In those days , conventional war was the only avenue to defend themselves.
    Now everything's controlled by computers.
    I fully expect intrusion into our banks via internet assault.
    The grid is our lifeline and the net is our central nervous system.
    Expect both to go down...

    1. It's going to be interesting as just about every financial transaction has some computer involved somewhere. On a micro level, almost nobody writes checks anymore and many adults never have. Cash is getting pretty rare too. However, that would only get over a tiny bump in the system. It could all go down in flames. We don't really know how hard it will be to get everything up and running again, but early reports are mixed to say the least.