Thursday, March 24, 2022

Putin’s USSR

He went and done it. Putin has recreated much of USSR. The only thing is he recreated all the crappy parts. Russia will now have a lower standard of living, isolation, more oppressive state police, and technological inferiority. He’s even destroyed Russia’s commercial airlines. While the rest of the world will be living in the 21st century, Russia will be back in the 20th.

If a peace deal was signed today Russia will still be feeling the effects for years to come. It’s much easier to break things than to fix them. As the days drag on the hole gets deeper. A lot of smart people have already left the country and more are trying to get out.

Russia has shown itself to be a risky place to do business. Even the oil industry, the backbone of the Russian economy, has lost western investment and expertise. Not only that western countries no longer want their energy needs reliant on Russia. It will be a huge boost for sustainable energy development.

Putin has sacrificed everything for a military adventure and even that’s not going well. There’s a dark joke going around the US State department. Russia was once thought to be the world’s second most powerful military. Now they are the second most powerful military in Ukraine.

Putin is a cautionary tale. No country should allow one man to have that much power.



  1. seriously? the sanctions will hurt us way more than putin. he's been getting around them and even using them to his advantage for years. while we were botching afghanistan he was setting up trade deals with the biggest economies in the world, in rubles not petrodollars. he has sun tzu'd us. our dollar will be worthless in a year or sooner and russia will be the richest in the world. he has also amassed the largest gold reserves while we sold ours to prop up social spending, bribing the ignorant masses. our state dept is a joke in itself, btw. militarily putin has a problem. if the west somehow manages to do nothing instead of backing him in a corner, the invasion might eventually collapse under its own weight. if we push putin into a corner, he WILL nuke our asses. the clowns in dc somehow think they won't die along with us.

    1. I disagree on the sanctions hurting us more than him. The petro dollar is past its due date. You can't eat gold. Outside of Russia few are buying his gold. Putin might not last all that much longer. There are good reasons he's so paranoid.