Saturday, December 31, 2022

Another Year

Another year has come to an end. 

Well, that was interesting. 

Sometimes I think the universe throws this stuff at us out of boredom. Do you ever feel like a fish in an aquarium and some snotty nosed kid keeps banging on the glass?

Hope none of you were too heavily invested in crypto. Remember though, no matter how bad your crpyto investments did, you can always laugh at people who’ve invested in NFTs. 

Looks like a fair number of people took a bath with investments in general. Real estate in particular was and is a wild ride. Maybe we should stop looking at real estate as an investment and look at it as a place to live. Heck, it’s an investment if your property has room for a chicken coop and a kitchen garden. That’s real wealth. 

If you were Russian of conscription age it was a good year to visit wondrous Uzbekistan and Georgia. If you were a Russian Oligarch it was a good year to stay the heck away from open windows. 

All I’m going to say about Ukraine is: glory to Ukraine. 

Politics were interesting this year. Once again, the universe had little reason to complain about being bored. 

I’m looking forward to 2023. Whatever happens, I don’t think it’ll be boring. 

On a personal level it was far from being a bad year. I just celebrated my 44th wedding anniversary. That’s pretty impressive for a couple of 20 year old kids who only knew each other 4 months before getting hitched. Apparently there’s at least one person I don’t piss off too badly. 



  1. 57 years, and it was less tan five full months knowing my wife

  2. Only 38 years here with the certificate, but test drove the relationship for six years before the I do promise...
    Only crypto here is to the numbers guarding the door on my safe that holds cash and silver. The cash is taking a beating but the PM's are holding well.
    Keep throwing cash at the house , when material costs allow a decent price.
    Been putting new metal on the workshop roof. Only can manage one twelve foot section a day, by the time I tear the old stuff off and nail a new piece up , it's time to re-tarp everything for the usual rain....
    What year is this anyway , I've lost track ?

    1. You guys have gone the distance too. My metals lean more towards lead. Our weather has been a mess. Hard to do much outside. You know it's weird when you have to shovel wearing a rain poncho.

  3. Happy Anniversary 6 Bears, keep it up.