Saturday, December 17, 2022

Crossing into Canada

My niece borrowed my Blazer to make a quick trip into Canada. With the covid restrictions dropped it’s pretty much back to normal. One thing I had to do was to talk to my car insurance company. Canada requires a special proof of insurance card. My insurance company doesn’t charge to print one up. The border agents don’t usually bother asking to see it, but better to have it and not need it. 

My niece had her mace confiscated. That’s something to be aware of. However, they allow you to take bear spray across the border. It’s basically mace in a bigger can. The border agent even told her to bring that next time so the info is current.

I like to keep up to date on the requirements for crossing the border. My lovely wife and I keep our passports up to date and we know where they are. Canada is so close to us that it only makes sense to keep that option open. When your bug out options may involve an International border it only makes sense to be prepared. There are friends and relatives across the border who’d welcome us. It’s good to keep all options open.



  1. They may be coming to you before you go there.

  2. I'm reminded of a John Candy movie that blamed all the bad stuff on the evil Canadians. 80)

  3. I'm still bitching that you even need a passport to go there or the Bahamas or Mexico for that matter.
    Damn patriot act , is proof that the terrorists won

    1. It used to be I'd cross the border with a nod and a wave. I miss those days. The terrorists have won.