Sunday, December 11, 2022

Hunkered Down

Most years I can’t wait to head south to warm weather. One of the main issues is that my lungs suffered some damage during my firefighter years. Cold dry air irritates them and colds are tough to deal with. 

This year I haven’t been bothered by those issues too much. One thing that has certainly helped with the dry air is wearing a good face mask. I’ve been using RZ masks for the last few years. Some of my masks have caps instead of valves to be travel and hospital compliant. I’ve no connection to the company -just like their products. 

With that issue under control it’s been easier to get the exercise I need. Other physical problems that plagued me recently are currently not an issue. I’m finally starting to lose some weight. Not much yet, but it’s going in the right direction. 

It’s been really nice to connect with old friends. The tribe has gotten a bit scattered over the last couple of years as most of us turned inward. During the summer some friends and I made a point go gather weekly around the campfire. Here it is, well into December, and we are still gathering. Of course, we sit a lot closer to the fire these days. 

Reducing the area of the house I’m heating has saved a lot of money. An added bonus is that the part of the house we are living in is toasty warm. 

My lovely wife and I love to travel, but right now it’s been good to be close to home. Of course, I’m also in the planning stage of other adventures, so that’s good. We aren’t going to be hunkered down forever. 


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