Friday, December 23, 2022

If you were wondering

If you were wondering what happened to my computer yesterday here’s a quick summary. I’m using a Chromebook and had issues with glitchy programs. Not thinking of all the implications, I did a complete reset. What I failed to consider is that I’m also running Linux programs, including my word processor. Those went away. I’d forgotten How I set those up in the first place. It was late. I was tired. It had to wait. 

So here I am, mostly back. With all my messing around I lost a few documents, but most of those can be rescued from backup. On the bright side, I added to my Linux knowledge. 

This should be a nasty day as far as weather goes. Looks like a good part of the country either had this storm, is experiencing it now, or soon will. Here it’s predicted to start as snow, turn to heavy rain, and later switch back to snow. That comes with constant high winds. The odds of the grid staying up are vanishingly small. The same goes for my Internet. I’m hoping the cell system stays up so I can fill everyone in tomorrow. 

The nasty bit is that it’s supposed to turn quite cold. If you don’t have a grid independent heat source it’s going to be rough. We should be snug and cozy, but stuff happens. Don’t do anything stupid as help might not get to you for some time. 

Be well.


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