Sunday, December 18, 2022

Snow Daze

We received our first significant snowstorm of the season. Our accumulation, at time of writing, is about 8 inches. We might get another inch or two before it’s all over. It’s a wet heavy snow so shoveling is bit of a chore. This storm hit very unevenly. Some people got a few inches and others got feet of snow. 

Saturday morning I shoveled a path to the road and dug out the mailbox. There was no sense in digging out the car as we had no need to anywhere. The town only made one pass with the snowplow down the center of the road. They are going to come back with the wing plow and bury both my driveway and walkway. Once they are done it’ll be worth digging out the car. 

The grid never even blinked during the storm. It still felt good to have the solar electric batteries topped off just in case. 

We lost the Internet Friday night and it’s still out. Fortunately, I can reach the new cell tower with my phone. It makes a decent hotspot. 

The long range forecast is predicting another Northeaster by the end of the week. Hope it’s snow rather than freezing rain. 



  1. 7+ inches wet icy stuff here. Did the snow removal twice to keep up with it. Hate removing ice mess from the snow blower. Not much more love for heavy snow shoveling.

    But many years here teach you remove it, or it will melt re-freeze into nasty ice until thaw.

    But I choose to live here after living in most every other state in America. Neighbors help each other here.

    1. I'm too lazy to own a snowblower. I've decided I'd rather shovel than maintain another machine. Of course, I don't have a lot to shovel -a path to the road and a couple of parking spaces right off the road. It also helps to be retired and not in a hurry.

    2. I used to coat my snow blower with Pam. I works to keep sticky wet stuff out of the shut.

  2. Just down the road from you where I'm at we got about 15+ inches. Going by the news folks. I spent most of the day Saturday pushing the stuff around with my scoop. I even shoveled out the fire pit. Fun stuff you bet just prior to the Holiday.