Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Fuel prices

The price of gas is at a more reasonable level -if you don’t live in certain places on the west coast. One of my daughters lives in California and I can’t believe the prices. Of course, I don’t have to cross the country to see much higher prices. All I have to do is to take a short drive north into Canada. No wonder why so many people want to work from home. 

Of more concern to me this winter is the cost of #2 heating oil. At the end of the summer I poured 5 gallons of diesel into the house tank. That was just enough fuel for my furnace guy to do the annual service. 

A few weeks ago I call the oil company and discovered heating oil was going for $6/gallon. No thank you. The woodstove’s been working fine. Monday I checked and the price had dropped to $5/gallon. I ordered their minimum delivery, which is 100 gallons. That price is not guaranteed. They only deliver one day a week out in my neck of the woods. If their schedule is full sometimes it takes two weeks for them to get to me.

Last spring their minimum was not expressed in gallons but in dollars. At the time that was $300. They made the mistake of printing out a confirmation receipt at that price. By the time the delivery showed up the bill was closer to $390. Since I had a print out I was able to hold them to the $300 price. No wonder they are going by the gallon for me this year. Oh well. 

100 gallons of fuel is decent enough backup if my wife and I go somewhere for a while. The problem with a woodstove is that someone has to feed it. It’s also nice if I’m feeling under the weather and want to take it easy. 


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  1. Well the cost of #2 has dropped to about 4.19 per gallon, and indications suggest is will drop more, thank the oil gods. I bought two bouts of 100 gallons each, one at 4 something before it went up and one at 5.89. Both painful purchases, however I am hopeful that the price will level out at a more reasonable rate and we will be ok.