Thursday, December 15, 2022

Oil Price Hike

On Monday I ordered heating oil at $5.009/gallon. By the delivery date on Wednesday it was up to $5.099/gallon, a 9 cent increase in a couple of days. I can’t help but think they do that sort of thing on purpose. I’ve yet to get a surprise drop in price on delivery day. Maybe I have to change oil company.

At any rate, there’s now 100 gallons in the tank for emergency use. 

One of the reasons I decided to order heating oil is because there’s a big snowstorm on the way. We had just a dusting of snow on the ground when the delivery was made. After the storm I’d have to shovel and sand a fairly long path to the tank. I plan now so I can be lazy later. 



  1. Yikes! Find another oil company.

    I had our tank topped off the other day. $3.62/gal. On the other hand, I live a few hundred miles south of you; the local oil companies fill their trucks right at the tanks which are loaded from the delivery barges. You may be paying the extra cost of trucking the oil up from the coastal ports.

    1. I think you are right but options are limited. Part of the joys of living in the middle of nowhere. The companies know our options are limited.

    2. I get that. I tried checking the oil prices for Hanover and Brattleboro; they were in the neighborhood of your cost.

    3. Those are big places compared to where I live. Sheesh. :) They are near major highways and I'm not.

  2. Seems fuel prices have always risen with the speed of a rocket and declined at a speed more akin to a gallon drifting downwards.

  3. Balloon not gallon....I hate spell check.

  4. Today's heating oil price from CN Brown is 4,499
    That's were I get my oil. You get a discount for over 60, and upfront payment. Usually balances out at about 12 bucks a hundred.