Sunday, February 2, 2020

. . . and then there was one

Sigh. Brownie the Sailor Dog did a clever thing. I’d just sat down at the picnic table with my larger laptop. It had booted up and was ready to go. Then the dog got excited and decided she had to chase something. Only problem, she was tied up. Her rope happened to catch the leg of the canopy we’d put over the picnic table. It had been raining so there were a few gallons of water trapped in the roof. It all came down on the laptop and me.

The cold water shocked me and then the lights on the laptop went dark. I pulled the battery and opened it up to dry, but there’s not a lot of hope. Maybe when we get home I can pull the drive and see what I can get off it. On the bright side, the vast majority of the data was backed up in cloud storage.

The funny thing is I’d just spend hours looking for the perfect laptop backpack to protect the computers. It actually did protect my second computer as it was in the new backpack and protected from the deluge.

It hasn’t been all that sunny here in Florida. They may have to change their motto if this keeps up. There hasn’t been enough sun to keep my solar powered fridge running properly. Right now we are only keeping things like butter and cheese in it. We should get more sun the next couple of days so my batteries will be charged up once again.

Good thing I’ve got three complete small solar electric systems with me. I’m down to the third one to power this computer and some essentials.

On the bright side I’m feeling good, getting in better shape, and taking off a few pounds.



  1. What you noticed about Florida's weather, especially in the Central and North Central regions, is why large scale solar plants just aren't a good thing here.

    Funky clouds, high temps, demands of A/C cooling. Not great for solar. Living in a cracker cottage with no a/c? Solar may be for you.

    My dog has done a soft kill on my laptop twice, once by shoving it off the bed and shoving the power supply connector deep into the chassis (even though that's not supposed to happen) and once by splooging the screen.

    It's a price we as animal owners have to live with. Sigh. Could be worse, could have lots of glass trinkets and a cat.

    1. Add tile floors to 'glass trinkets and a cat' as worse than a pooch who knocks rainwater into your cobonkulator.

    2. I lucked out and computer booted up the next day. A little sunshine makes all the difference.

  2. Maybe you should consider pulling the plug on where you are today and just head to Key West for the rest of the winter? Weather patterns have been changing here in Florida the last few years and I expect the remainder of the winter to be more Midwest like, dull and a little chilly.

    1. We have some business to take care of up in Northern FL, but will be making our ways down a bit latter.

      Can't really afford to live in Key West unless on a boat -and my lovely wife says our boat is too small for long stays. She's right too!

    2. But you only sleep and prepare meals on the big boat. Most of your time is spent running around with the dinghy and onshore.
      Only thing a larger boat gives you , is more storage room for provisions.
      This is why a hard dinghy is so important. It is your nautical car.
      If ya wanna just lay around a big boat and entertain guests with your big boat. Better off just owning a pontoon boat or a beach house.